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Self - care


your vision.


a connection.

a conversation.

a kind inquiry.

a gentle exploration.

an opening for new insight.

a shift in perspective.

a gorgeous feeling. 

a fresh way to see your world.



true, deep relief.

your shoulders relax, you sigh.

you breathe more deeply.

rinse and repeat.

Image by Raimond Klavins



An initial session built around insight; the session is an exploration designed for you to sense something fresh. You will complete with a sense of calm and clarity.



A deeper experience over 5 hours together to sense, shift, and create newly. These sessions have you experience freedom from within to shift reality - inviting joy, peace, and enthusiasm into your daily life.


group program

Coaching in a group allows for a dynamic and deeper connection. The next program begins in early February 2024. Please send an email by clicking the button below to join the next Alive Group waitlist.



In your life it can feel that there are endless things to do without enough time or energy - the pressure and stress mount and energy wains. An analogy is that life is appearing like you're in a dark room with boxes strewn all over the floor and you are attempting to not trip while trying to find the door - if the light was to suddenly turn on, the obstacles would become obvious and it's easy to navigate.

Time can feel like the enemy, there is never enough. And when you do have time, you need to zone out and decompress.There is so much demanding your attention, you're exhausted before you even get out of bed some days.

You have one precious life; how will you ever just feel good and love your days? 

As a coach I align your attention to Who you already Are and what is already available; I shine a light on aspects of YOU that are hidden from your view. Once you notice that something new is already available, it becomes obvious the next steps.

Problems that once felt difficult, dissipate. Stress that is rising, subsides. And concerns that sometimes aren't even obvious melt away

You have inside of you, everything for a transformative shift.

The challenge is, we don't know where to look to make that difference.

There is no amount of strategy, tactic, or information that shifts a misunderstanding.

Understanding the physics of experience is the hidden key.

That is where my coaching is impactful.

I'm not looking to re-organize the content of your story, we generate insight to transcend it. 

The result is perspective shifts, time slows down, you feel settled, you engage in life more freely & your energy naturally rises because you feel good again; your life feels lighter and you have more calm no matter what is happening around you.

about kari.

Hello and welcome. Being in my fifth decade on this life journey - you begin to accumulate skills you have excellence with, and those you discover your genius in. I'm well into my 20+ year career as a chiropractor and I have excellence with a gentle, effective, intuitive, and results-based approach to care. I really enjoy sourcing what is already brilliant with your body and then supporting it gently to generate more ease in your system with less tension and issues. 

What if you knew you could see a chiropractor 2-4 times and have a dramatic shift in how your body feels and functions? It's a bold promise but I am results-based and I have a keen detective sense to address the body in a way others may overlook.

If you know deep down that it isn't aging that makes you feel pain, then you're on the right track. Our bodies are designed for healing and repair - what if allowing your body to have more ease was part of the release that is needed to get your body functioning well again? It can be easier than we've been trained to think. 


Many of my patients choose care beyond their initial sessions that supports their body function, life balance - alignment of body, mind, and spirit can have a profound impact in your life. I love my chiropractic family practice for this very reason. 


I am also a Clarity coach. My journey in creating a transformative experience for others has been infused into all the things that I felt drawn to, even in childhood. Personally, I've experienced tragedies and triumphs. Professionally, I bring a deep health philosophy, scientific understanding, and clinical experience  - I'm basically a life's culmination that has alchemized into launching a space for deep connection and transformation with others.

I'm still on my journey. I may be only moments ahead in the journey yet I know this path, in this direction, has resulted in more joy, fulfillment, and ease with my life. I'd love you to experience it for yourself. Join me.

With love, Kari

Dr. Kari Klein
Anchor 4
“I learned about self-love, sleep hygiene, nutrition, exercise, and most importantly to ‘tune-in’ daily to my mind, body, and soul; I’m a more patient mother and now open to opportunities that the universe has to offer.”

Reka T.

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