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Chiropractic Care

Dr Kari Klein has been in chiropractic practice for 21 years. She graduated at the Fountainhead of Chiropractic ~ Palmer College of Chiropractic ~ in Davenport, Iowa.

Her approach to chiropractic and overall health care is personalized and gentle. She is

solution-oriented in helping patients resolve pain, discomfort, or chronic issues so they can get back into their amazing lives. 

Her focus is spinal health, however she also helps support the whole body from a

neuroendocrine-musculoskeletal and energetic standpoint.

"I enjoy working with patients who see chiropractic care as an integral part of their health care. My care becomes less about fixing and more about supporting and guiding for patients to experience expansion of their overall well-being. Patients begin to trust their bodies and see that they have an immense influence on their level of health with deeper, connected intentions."

Booking Chiropractic Treatment

Equilibrium Therapeutics on Yates Street

Please note: Clinical chiropractic visits at Equilibrium Therapeutics are booked through their Jane App system. Any scheduling or modifying of appointments will be done through the Jane App system for chiropractic care or by contacting Equilibrium directly. 

Dr. Kari Klein

Equilibrium Clinic

101-1121 Yates Street

(250) 388-7888

Victoria, BC

V8V 3N1

@ The Collective on Wharf Street 

Please note: Appointments booked through this link will not be connected to Equilibrium Therapeutics and thus will not be accessible from their office. Please call, text, or email Dr. Klein directly or message her live on this site.

Dr. Kari Klein

@ The Collective (My Beauty Secrets)

206-1208 Wharf Street

(778) 652-2801

Victoria, BC

V8W 3B9

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